Living Here in Allentown

Why write a blog on Allentown? Billy Joel certainly didn’t have very nice things to say about this historically industrial town and the third largest city in Pennsylvania, in his catchy 1982 song. Well what many people don’t know about the city is that along with being rich in history, it is home to many exciting  places, people, and events. It was in Allentown that the Liberty Bell was successfully hidden from the British during the Revolutionary War. It is also the home to the Lehigh Valley Railroad, as well as several notable breweries (The Neuweiler and Schaefer Beer to name a few), and not to mention, Dorney Park!

As a student living in Allentown, I realized that I had been quite ignorant in regards to my surroundings. I had been at Muhlenberg College for three years before ever exploring the greater Allentown and surrounding Lehigh Valley areas. As a geographically diverse member of the Muhlenberg student body (born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio) I did not want to leave this school without familiarizing myself with the city. I must admit that after living in Cleveland for 18 years, I tended to lean towards the more pessimistic views of my own city, instead of looking for the opportunities that could potentially expand my experiences and opinions.

I decided to not let this happen again, and so I am dedicating this next semester to learning about Allentown. I will set off on foot and by car to discover authentic gems that Allentown and the greater Lehigh Valley have to offer! Follow along as I go on this journey and I promise to give out exciting tips and share my experience with you. I encourage comments and questions, and I hope that most of all, that you the readers will stop and think about the areas in life that you may be ignoring. Whether they be your surroundings, people, or yourself. Become more aware of the world around you and just maybe we can prove Mr. Joel wrong, learning that it “isn’t very hard to stay.”

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