Allentown Farmers Market

Allentown Farmers Market

17th & Chew Streets
Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: (610) 432-8425

If you haven’t been to the Allentown Fairgrounds Farmers Market, you are missing out! It is truly a fun experience to walk through the long building and meet local vendors from the Lehigh Valley. I had been to the Farmers Market occasionally during my first three years at Muhlenberg and I thought I had seen it all. It wasn’t until Summer 2013 when I was forced to cook for myself on a budget in a freshmen dorm that I really developed an appreciation for the market. I could now easily spend a day there talking to local merchants and trying different cuisines. Here are some of my top picks for the Farmers Market. If you have access to a stove, an outdoor grill, or even a George Foreman grill, you MUST stop at the Clover Farms station. Clover Farms makes homemade stuffed specialty beef, turkey, and chicken burgers and they are truly out of this world! If you like a bit of a kick try the “Illegal Immigrant” or the “Diablo,” both are excellent. Not to mention, the owners are a hoot and will playfully tease you about your choices in meat.

For amazing sandwiches, look no further than Bada Bingg—a specialty sandwich shop counter. Call ahead and order takeout or eat there. Their sandwiches are delicious and the staff is extremely inviting and friendly. My sandwich pick at Bada Bingg is the Chicken Carlito.

For incredible Mediterranean food close to campus, stop by Foods of the Mediterranean. There you can find amazing gyros as well as greek salads, grape leaves, and homemade hummus for take away. As of this year, FOTM has been added to the list of local businesses that accept Berg Bucks. That’s even more of an incentive to go!

The Farmers Market also offers Vietnamese food, Bar B-Que, specialty coffee, multiple fresh produce stations, and delicious bakeries. The market is a short ten-minute walk from campus and is a must for any Muhlenberg student. It is a staple of Allentown and extremely close, so why not drop in for a visit?

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