Stooges Bar and Grille

Stooges Bar and Grille
2105 Liberty Street
Allentown, PA 18104
(610) 432-7553
11 am to 2 am, M-Sun

Stooges Bar and Grille, another 21+ up establishment about two blocks away from the Tavern is an excellent place if you need a break from campus and are looking for a good bite to eat and mixed drinks. Unlike The Tavern, Stooges serves mostly mixed drinks along with a short beer list common to most bars (Yuengling, Miller Lite, Shocktop, Stella, Sam Adams, Guinness, etc.) The food is wonderful and in my opinion, you get more bang for your buck at Stooges as opposed to the Tavern. I recommend the cajun chicken caesar wrap, the wing menu, mac and cheese bites, their specialty burgers, and the award winning Stooges chili. The tradeoff to the awesome food is the somewhat slow service at the bar. Not to worry, the wait staff does eventually circulate and if you’re there for a meal, the food comes out on time, piping hot, and delicious! Stop in today for some delicious food and mixed drinks.

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