West End Oktoberfest

On October 5th, I had the pleasure of attending Allentown’s annual West End Oktoberfest celebration sponsored by Fegley’s Brew Works. I knew that the larger Artsquest sponsored Oktoberfest was happening in Bethlehem, but I decided to attend the smaller celebration right down the street from school, merely for accessibility purposes. Though it wasn’t as large as the Artsquest Musikfest or Oktoberfest celebrations, I found myself feeling at home as I celebrated with other Allentown residents. The celebration reminded me of a slightly more upscale block party. There were food trucks, musicians and families everywhere. The party stretched down Liberty and 19th street and was filled with people. I went by myself, but I in no way felt alone. I felt as if I was transported into my neighborhood in my hometown, surrounded by people I know.

As a Muhlenberg student, I would highly recommend visiting events like these. It was a breath of fresh air from my normal student life and it reminded me of home. You don’t have to be 21 to attend the event, though you do have to be if you plan on drinking. If you’re looking for a smaller and more home like experience on the weekends this is a great one! Support local businesses and keep Allentown thriving!

All photos taken by Molly Israel


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