The Bookstore Speakeasy

Alright now this post is for all of you older kids. I’m talking 21+. So all of you underage kids look away,

or come back and check the post when you’re legal. If you haven’t been to The Bookstore in Bethlehem, you’re seriously missing out! The Bookstore is an old fashioned speakeasy stationed in the heart of downtown Bethlehem, PA. It is seriously one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in the Lehigh Valley. It’s located on Adams St. right by Lehigh University. If you find yourself walking around in circles like my friends and I did, don’t be alarmed. It can be somewhat difficult to find, seeing as how the entrance is a solid black door with no signage. It’s a speakeasy of course, and inside it’s the roarin’ 20s, so they don’t want to blow their cover. When you do find it, you will instantly be transported back into the time of Fitzgerald, flapper girls, and jazz! There’s a full food menu as well as a very intricate drink menu and a live jazz band every night. The ambiance is great with low lighting and books and candles everywhere. They even ask that while inside you silence your cell phones because if an iphoneless world was good enough for Gatsby, it’s good enough for customers at The Bookstore. This is a very classy drinking establishment, so drinks are pricier than your average bar, but you’re able to split punch bowls of their signature cocktails among friends. You may want to call ahead to get a reservation because The Bookstore is quite small, but the extra effort will be well worth it in the end! If you’re 21, check it out today!

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Gallery photos provided by Molly Israel.


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