Ask a Student-Brian Borosky ’14

For my second student interview, I interviewed Brian Borosky who is a native of Bethlehem, PA. Having grown up in the Lehigh Valley before attending Muhlenberg, Brian lends an interesting perspective to the work shown on this blog. Here’s a little info on him!

Brian Borosky is an English major and Creative Writing minor. On campus, he is involved with Muses Art and Literary Magazine and 91.7 WMUH. For the writing center, he works as a drop-in tutor and as a Writing Assistant in an First Year Seminar.

Molly: Where are you from and how long have you lived there?
Brian: I’m from Bethlehem PA, I was born there, and I go to college in the Lehigh Valley, so I’ve been in the Lehigh Valley for 21 years.

Molly: What made you choose Muhlenberg?
Brian: I chose Muhlenberg not because it was close to my house. I chose Muhlenberg because it seemed like it was a size that was agreeable and it had a great English department and actually I was looking at Psychology and that had a nice draw to it. I chose Muhlenberg, to be honest, from the others schools I applied to because it was my best financial package.

Molly: How often do you go off campus?
Brian: I go off campus often. Well obviously more so now that I have a car. Sophomore, junior, and senior year I’ve had a car, fortunately, so I’ve been able to go off campus quite a bit. I probably go off at least once a week for something. If it’s to go hang out off campus, then probably once every two weeks.

Molly: Do you still find new things to do in the Valley even though you’ve lived here your whole life?
Brian: I do, I find new things to do in the Valley all the time. I think it’s just a matter of me being able to get out and do them. I’m always reading things in the paper, and if I make it home my family gets The Morning Call and that has the Go-Guide and there are actual events in there (laughs). So I actually go to some things. But there are a few spots I know and it’s never boring here in the Valley. It’s only boring if you don’t go out and look for things.

Molly: Why do you think Muhlenberg Students aren’t venturing off campus?
Brian: I think Muhlenberg students aren’t venturing off campus very much because they find it to be a really nice atmosphere here and everything we need is here as students and people. There’s entertainment that’s offered by the school for free every weekend. And everyone’s friends are here and it’s just kind of a magnet. Everything you’re attracted to is here. But I think the people I’ve talked to who have gone off campus find it rewarding and cool and they like to do so, it’s just that people stay here because it’s so easy. I know there are some campuses that are called suitcase campuses, or something like that, where everyone packs up and goes home every weekend and the more people do that the more people are going to do that, but because everyone stays here everyone feels comfortable to follow the crowd and stay here.

Molly: What solutions or advice would you offer Muhlenberg students to make them want to go off campus?
Brian: Well a solution would be to get a bike. I should have mentioned that before. When I said I have a car that’s one way I get off campus, but I bike off campus quite a bit now too. And that’s better than driving because you get to know an area better when you’re apart of foot traffic. And so there’s a solution when you’re biking off campus. It’s pretty rewarding to say “oh this is Allentown”  and you get to find cool interesting things. That’s kind of more what I’m into instead of going to huge productions all the time. I did say that I go to plenty events but it’s often just as fun to discover a place and bikes are great for that.
Another incentive for going off campus is that you get reminded when you go off campus that there is an off campus. I find that typically in the throw of things as the semester is under way that the entire experience is just in your head. For me it’s so abstract all the time and there’s very little concrete interaction with my surroundings. It’s more about me getting things done and that’s my task as a student, but when I go off campus I’m reminded that there’s another world that’s not centered around my work. Life goes on outside Muhlenberg and it’s nice to know that. There are other things in the world beyond your little universe, and going off campus reminds you of that. Because of how homogenous the population tends to be here and I’m not talking just visibly but ideology wise we tend to share a lot more values than we think we do and those are challenged a little bit when you see unfamiliar things and unfamiliar places.

Photo provided by Brian Borosky


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