Closing Remarks

Well friends, my blogging time has come to an end for now. I have reached the end of the semester and must put a bookmark in this blog for grading purposes. Check back within the next few weeks though if you’re interested, I’m hoping to get a few more posts up that I won’t be able to complete before the grading deadline. I had a really great time going on this blogging journey. Not only do I feel better acquainted with the Lehigh Valley, I feel as if it is a vibrant and exciting place to live as a young person. I’m also really thankful for the meaningful conversations this blog has spawned. Whether it was with friends, new and old, store owners, or local citizens, I was happily surprised to see how much people want to engage with their surroundings. I hope this blog can be a tool for present and future Lehigh Valley students. I certainly enjoyed learning and writing about this area, and hope if nothing else, it impacts you to step out into your own community and see what’s being offered. Thanks for checking out “For the Pennsylvania We Never Found” and Mr. Joel, if you’re reading this, I’m proud to be living here in Allentown!

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